This past Sunday we started our series looking at our core values, what is important for us here at ThreeSixteen. Knowing your values is important because your values help determine your direction. So what are your values? Do you know them? This is vital for every Disciple because if you desire to grow in Christ then you need to align your values to God’s Values. 
For us here at ThreeSixteen, we have marked down 5 values that we hold dear. They are:
  1. A Commitment to Scripture
  2. Creating Community
  3. A Heart of Servanthood
  4. A Lifestyle of Prayer & Worship
  5. A Culture of Discipleship
All of these values fall under our Mission of “Loving God & Loving People.” For everything we do must be done in love. I would encourage you to take stock of your life, see where you spend most of your time, money, & resources, for this will help you to realise what your values really are, then spend some time in prayer, seeking God. Maybe you need change some of your habits, maybe you need to refocus your life to what God’s values for you. Values are important because they determine our direction, so where is your life headed?
Pastor Brett Hoy